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Creating A Draft Amazon Shipment

Note that Amazon has deactivated the legacy system on August 31st 2022 for most accounts. Some accounts may still be able to access the old system by clicking here. Otherwise, you will only be able to proceed with a draft shipment if you are using the Amazon API. There are softwares that will allow you to create and save a draft shipment using the Amazon API. See our resources page under FBA inventory replenishment for further details.

We highly recommend creating a draft shipment for the reasons listed below. 

If you are buying goods from us and plan on shipping them directly to Amazon Fulfillment Centers (I.E. FBA Centers) this guide is extremely important to take into consideration. Amazon has their own requirements that change from product to product. We are not always able to follow their requirements. You must check with us prior to placing an order to see if we are able to meet any special requirements. We will be unable to cancel an order once placed due to special requests. Please review this guide and others in depth to avoid costly issues.

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You can identify the following issues that come up frequently:

To create a draft shipment, utilize the amazon workflow to add products and proceed all the way to the way to the Prepare Shipment step. DO NOT complete the shipment until you get our shipment email.

This will enable you to be aware of any of the issues stated above apply to your order (make sure to note if shipments are splitting or requiring prep, etc and DO NOT proceed without mentioning it via email in response to your quote email to see if we can meet the requirements.



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