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Identifying if you are gated on amazon to sell a product

We've added a feature on our site that allows you to check for eligiblity to sell a product with just one click.

Every product page has the text "Check if Gated".


Clicking this text will take you to the setup page in amazon seller central. 

If you are eligible to sell this product (AKA "Ungated")


If you are not YET eligible but can request approval. Below shows a "Category Restriction" or "Gated Category". 
There are also; Brand or ASIN Restrictions.
These restrictions may, at times, be lifted by amazon AKA "ungated" if you produce a verifiable invoice for amazon to review. 
NOTE: We have a separate service that can provide invoices to assist you get ungated. Review Here.

If you are permanently blocked from selling a product
If this shows up, there is probably no way for you to get this product listed on your amazon account.

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