Buying FAQ

  1. Q: How do I purchase from Palletfly?
    A: Start by registering and reviewing buying guide.
    Please note that Palletfly services 35,000+ accounts with a small but growing team to keep your cost down and make deals worthwhile for all parties. We have created a series of guides & tools available for everyone. These guides can walk you through and answer almost all questions and scenarios related to our buying process. The material has helped new and veteran sellers alike with Amazons own (sometimes complex) system.
    Please utilize these free tools prior to engaging our team. We appreciate the opportunity to build a strong relationship together!

  2. Q: Can you ship directly to FBA, my prep center, my warehouse, or residential location?
    A: Yes. We ship to any location within the US. This includes your location, an amazon location or a third party warehouse that you utilize. (See our complete shipping guide for more details.)

  3. Q: Can Palletfly provide shipping costs to FBA, my prep center, my warehouse, or residential location?
    A: Yes. We can quote for shipping or you can get an independent quote on your own. (In some scenarios, you will be required to use pre-quoted freight. This will be communicated at the order quote level). See Q 5 for more details.

  4. Q: Amazon will only accept 200 pieces of a certain SKU at this time, can I purchase less or split the shipment to amazon and my warehouse?
    A: For most products the MOQ is firm. You can email your sales rep with the Deal ID number and your offer for consideration. We do not allow split shipments, please see Q 2 & 3 regarding shipping to your own warehouse.

  5. Q: How do you calculate shipping costs?
    A: It depends:
    - If shipping directly into amazon; send a purchase request, we will send you a quote containing ship-from and other information. Input the information into seller central and view the quote there. See our Draft Shipment Guide
    - If shipping to a warehouse other then amazon; send a purchase request, we will send you a quote containing ship-from and other information. You can use that to obtain a quote using your own shipping company. Or, you can request a shipping quote from us during the checkout process on our site.

  6. Q: I do not have a company/I am not in the USA, can I purchase as an individual without a Tax ID #?
    A: Yes, when registering put NA in places that you do not have the information for, ie: Tax ID #. (We require a tax exempt certificate if shipping to NY). If you do not have a company name, please enter your own name.

  7. Q: Are pricing and minimum order quantities negotiable?
    A: The pricing & minimums are set by contracts/agreements that Palletfly has with brands/distributors we work with. If you would like to order a lesser quantity or negotiate a better price, please start a request with the current minimum/pricing on our site, respond back to the quote email (once received), and ask for a lower quantity. We will respond if we are able to lower the pricing/minimum or not.

  8. Q: Where are goods located?
    A: Each deal is located in a different 3rd party warehouse. In many instances, inventory is transferred to our warehouse prior to shipping out to your destination.

  9. Q: Do you have a product spreadsheet I can download?
    A: Yes, please click here. This is a live product spreadsheet that can be bookmarked & downloaded at any time. The products and FBA data is updated throughout the day.

  10. Q: How long will it take from when I place an order until when I get goods?
    A: We can only provide you with estimated lead times (in number of days). These will be on your quote, as well as in our inventory feed in column H. After an order leaves our warehouse, it is entirely up to the shipping company. Since wholesale orders are larger and more complex then a standard retail order, we are unable to take responsiblity for carrier delays. Times are estimate and are based on various factors. Keep in mind that most locations that house large amount of goods have a tremendous amount of orders to keep up with, and complex shipping systems.

  11. Q: Can I sign up to receive deals daily?
    A: Yes, you can also sign up for a daily email summary. To receive emails in specific categories, signup here. 

  12. Q: Do you apply ASIN labels or provide other prep for items?/Do you have 5 transparency codes for this product?
    A: We do not offer these services/codes unless it is stated specifically on the product detail page. To view this information, be sure to click on the Additional Details tab on each product page. If not listed we do not have/offer it.

  13. Q: Do you offer case labeling/amazon box labels, (not ASIN)?

    A: For Amazon pallet shipments, most warehouses we work with will not apply box labels without charging fees. Some do not offer that at all. We can and do apply pallet labels for these shipments and absorb the cost as it is minimal. In our history with working on Amazon shipments, we have never had an issue as long as the pallet is properly labeled on all 4 sides. If you would like us to label the boxes as well, please be sure to inquire prior to finalizing your order so that we can quote you the additional fees or advise you of the inability to do so.

  14. Q: What if the item stops selling well, price drops, or I get banned from selling the item?
    A: We cannot take responsibility for any issues you may encounter while selling items on amazon or any other marketplace. Particularly, IP claims or claims of counterfeit items, will not be covered by Palletfly.

  15. Q: Do you provide an ungating service that can help us get ungated on amazon?
    A: No. While we don't provide this service directly, we've curated a list of reputable providers on our resource page to assist you. Several of these resources offer ungating services, and we're delighted to extend special discounts to our customers from those providers. Based on positive customer experiences, we highly recommend The Funnel Guru. To take advantage of this opportunity, kindly place an order on funnelguru along with promo code PALLETFLY10 for each ungating invoice ensuring you enjoy a 10% discount on the provided services.

  16. Q: How do I know that the items you are selling are legitimate and not counterfeit?
    A: We have direct relationships with almost every brand seen on our website. In addition, we strive to do research on each of our vendors before listing any of their products. We have long standing relationships with upstanding vendors that are known to have only authentic goods. In addition, we have agreements with them stating clearly that goods must be authentic. We cannot not provide any paperwork showing our sources unless requested by court order. (See this article for some useful information)

  17. Q: Do you offer NET terms?
    A: We do not offer in-house terms at the moment. All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. We do have several partners that can finance invoices. See our resources page for more details

  18. Q: What payment methods do you accept?
    A: Here are the payment Options. All payment must be received in full prior to shipment.
    Full payment guide 
    1. US ACH
    2. International ACH
    3. US Wire Transfer
    4. International Wire Transfer. Your bank may charge a fee. Learn more here on how to avoid / discover these fees. We must receive payment in full prior to releasing your order.
    5. Credit Card. All credit card payments will be made using a third party processor
    6. Payoneer. Include your Company name & invoice number in the notes when sending a payment. Instructions
  19. Q: Can I cancel an order or return items?
    A: We do not allow any cancellations or returns. We may be able to make exceptions on a case by case basis. Payments will be returned in the form of store credit only. See full Terms and Conditions
    NOTE: There may be additional fees. Return shipping will be borne by the buyer.

  20. Q: What happens if a shipment is missing units, defective or wrong item were shipped?
    A: You can submit a claim by emailing our team within 30 days of delivery. You will be required to submit proof. If proof is not submitted within 14 days of a claim being opened, it will be considered closed, and we will be unable to reopen it past that point. Note that we will not cover items lost or damaged during shipment. Once we hand off the shipment to the carrier, it is no longer under our control and therefore not our liability. Here is a link to the steps

  21. Q: Are all the products sold on Palletfly brand new, unexpired, and retail ready?
    A: Yes, please make sure to click on the words "ADDITIONAL DETAILS " on each product page to see if otherwise. If otherwise, this information will be noted on your quote, invoice, or communicated to you by other means (email, etc).

  22. Q: Where do I find shipping information?
    A: If we have case information, it will be located on the product page under the logistics tab. The ship-from address & case information will be available to you on the checkout page once you get a quote from your sales rep.
    IMPORTANT: Please note that we never have final shipment information until after the order is packed up (case/pallet qty, weight, dimensions, ship-from, etc).

Read the full terms and conditions here.

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