Payment Guide 

Payment must be received in full prior to shipment.

Please refer to your quote emails and invoice for payment details.

We accept several payment methods.

Here is a list of all payment options we accept along with fee schedule


Payment Option

Fees paid to Palletfly







International ACH




US Wire Transfer




International Wire Transfer


Your bank may charge a fee. Learn more here on how to avoid / discover these fees. We must receive payment in full prior to releasing your order.


Credit Card


All credit card payments will be made using a third party processor




Include your Company name & invoice number in the notes when sending a payment. Instructions


  1. Submit Payment(s). To ensure faster processing, please include the QuickBooks invoice number and your company name we have on file on the payment when submitting it to your bank. Making a single payment that matches the amount on your invoice is recommended for easier reconciliation. (Do not include additional words as the memo the bank adds is limited. For example, please enter "123456" rather then "invoice 123456")
  2. Log your payment on our form: Additionally, we kindly request that you log your payment on our Payment Information Collection Form. This will help us locate your payment quickly, especially if it arrives with no or unclear information on the bank transaction. You can access the form here
  3. Payment Clears: Once your payment clears in our system, your order will be released to the shipping department for processing.
  4. Payment Confirmation EmailYou will get a payment confirmation email within 1-2 business days from when you pay your invoice in full. You can also view live updates to your invoice balance by clicking the Print or Save / Review and pay button on your invoice email. Clicking it will also take you to an updated copy of your invoice that reflects the payments. The payment confirmation email will include a estimated ready time for when your order will be ready for pickup.
  5. Shipment: After your payment clears and your order is ready for pickup, it will move to the shipping phase. Once the warehouse has processed your order and provided us with the shipping specifications, you will receive a new email containing the shipping details. Please note that we may not have these details until your estimated ready date. For further guidance on shipment, please refer to our shipment guide here

*Bank & fund transfer processors do not support fee reimbursement on refunds. Therefore, any payments made that incurred a fee will not be eligible for reimbursement of the fees in any scenario. Funds can be held as account credit or refunded minus fees. Payments made prior to 7/1/2023 through a cardknox link are subject to a 3% fee paid to Palletfly. Payments made using a third party processor are not subject to any fees due to Palletfly (fees are paid directly to the processor and will not be reimbursed). Usage of these payment methods constitutes acceptance of these terms. Please choose a different payment method if you do not agree to these terms.

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