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Vendor's Guide

This is a guide to selling on Palletfly. Please email with any questions.

View our selling FAQ here.

Step 1. Sign up as a vendor: Vendor Setup Form
Step 2. Send Deals (3 options)
       Using the Submit A Deal Form.
       Email details to (Required Fields: Item Name, UPC, QTY, Price).
       Recommended: send Palletfly your inventory list to (Required Fields: Item Name, UPC, QTY, Price). (Template: here)

Join our WTB list. Here we post products that we are looking to source.

How listings work:

Step 1 - We will gather all the data necessary to list your product.
Step 2 - We match it up to Amazon product pages.
Step 3 - We use your MOQ rules to build preset “deal listings”.
Step 4 - We send you a preview of the listing to confirm all the details are correct.
Step 5 - All you have to do is confirm and add the details to the email template.
Step 6 - DONE! - Your item is listed on our site, indexed in our search menu, and sent out to our entire deal community.

How orders work:

Step 1 - Palletfly sends you a HOLD INVENTORY notification that there is a pending sale with a request for any incomplete information (logistic, lead time, etc.)
- The request ID number differentiates each separate order.
- If there are only a certain amount of units available, you may still get additional pending sale requests. The inventory will moved to the first customer that completes the transaction on our end. 
Step 2 - You confirm the hold and provide any missing information.
Step 3 - Palletfly sends you a PO and payment based on the terms agreed upon.
Step 4 - Goods are shipped/picked up. Shipping guide.
Step 5 - You provide Palletfly with proof of shipment (tracking or BOL).



For best results, we suggest offering your best pricing and holding these units for a minimum of 24 hours to allow time for buyers to contact us regarding the offering.

Please let us know if this item needs any additional prep or costs to be sent in directly to Amazon's warehouse. This includes: Labelling, 3rd party warehousing, bundling, etc. If we are not notified in reply to the order email that the item has additional fees, you certify that we may cancel the order for a full refund.

If we list an item, it is not in any way a guarantee that the item will sell. We do not commit to buying any product until PO and payment are issued.

Terms and conditions:


Buyer pays and arranges shipping on all orders.

Items must be shipped within the timeframe provided by the vendor. Any delays

must be promptly communicated. If there is a failure to communicate delays, will be entitled to a full refund.

 Payments: LLC will issue payment based on the terms at the time of sale.


 Proof of Delivery (Tracking) is required for all orders (signed BOL, tracking number, etc).

 Pricing: has the right to change pricing on the site at their sole discretion.


 You certify that may use any images, content or other information on the listing

 You certify that the goods being offered are under good title with no stolen, fake, or other claims against them.


 Should goods not meet these requirements, are Defective on Arrival, inaccurate in description, or not shipped in full, you agree to refund LLC the cost of the goods plus any shipping fees incurred.


DISCLAIMER only provides Amazon comparison information and other projections to help you do research quicker. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON AND IS NOT BASED ON RELIABLE INFORMATION. is not responsible for any information provided or inaccuracies. Using such information is at your own risk. makes no representations regarding your eligibility or ability to sell or resell products on the Amazon marketplace or anywhere else. Please make sure to do your own research prior to purchasing any products on is not affiliated with

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