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Ungating Service

Our Ungating Service is designed to assist Amazon resellers in obtaining approval from Amazon, commonly known as "ungating," by facilitating a Refundable Order for the required goods. This system has been successful for numerous sellers; however, please note that we cannot guarantee its effectiveness for your specific case. It's important to understand that Palletfly is not affiliated with Amazon and does not have the authority to determine or influence resale restrictions. If you'd like to learn more about Amazon's invoice requirements, you can find additional information here.

Please be aware that our service does not include a money-back guarantee.

However, there are other services available that offer a money-back guarantee, which you can find on our resource page. We recommend considering these alternatives if you prioritize a service with a money-back guarantee. Please proceed with our service only if you are willing to accept the associated risks.

(You can find the list of categories/brands that we have successfully ungated for customers here.)

IMPORTANT!: Please note that the invoice document and invoice verification letter are the only documents provided under this service. Do not proceed with our service if Amazon requires additional documentation, images, or other materials. Once we process your invoice, we are unable to refund the administrative fees.

To achieve the best results, it is essential that you thoroughly review the entire guide and diligently follow the precise instructions provided. The information we require is absolutely necessary to maximize your chances of approval.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: (Must complete all 9 Steps)

Step 1: Register as a new customer account HERE (Skip if you're already registered)

Step 2: Locate an item's "Deal ID" on Palletfly.com (do not confuse with Request/Inquiry ID) .

Every product on our site has a DEAL ID at the top of the page.
See image below for the location of the deal ID on any product page


Step 3: Initiate the approval process within Amazon Seller Central for the item. Amazon's restrictions can vary significantly, so it's advisable to start the application before obtaining our ungating invoice. Please note that certain items may not be eligible for new applications (refer to How to check if you're gated for more information). Determine the number of units Amazon requires to be displayed on the invoice (typically 10 units).
TIP: Use the "Check if gated" link on every product page to quickly navigate to the Seller Central page for that ASIN.

Step 4: Use the Send Purchase Request button on the Palletfly product page to initiate a request for the product. Click to finalize (refer to the buying guide for detailed instructions). Please do not proceed to the next step in this system until you receive a quote from a sales representative regarding the product's availability. Make sure NOT to check out on our site until you are ungated from Amazon. Once you receive a quote via email, respond to your representative, notifying them that you will be working on ungating. Proceed to Step 5.

Step 5: Submit your test order on the Google Form here for each invoice you require.
Before submitting the form, please carefully review the following:

VERY IMPORTANT: The contact information you submit on the form MUST match ALL the information on your Amazon Seller account:

PROCEED TO STEP 6: The invoice will not be sent without completing STEP 6!

Step 6: Payment: (REQUIRED)

Send a payment for the cost of the goods (10 units) + $100 administrative fee PER INVOICE.

Review our payment guide here

Please include your company name/request ID in the transaction notes or we will not be able to match your payment to your account.

Since the order portion of your payment is refundable, we use a separate system to allow us to receive payment and generate your invoice without having to pull the inventory off the shelves. Therefore, your payment will be applied as follows:
- $100 (+ applicable fees) invoiced in our standard system.
- Remaining Balance: 1. Refundable system invoice full balance / 2. Stored as a credit in our standard system.

Once the payment clears, we will issue you a invoice within 1-2 business days.

Step 7: Review the invoice to ensure it is 100% accurate.

Step 8: Submit the invoice to Amazon.

Step 9: Notify your Palletfly rep if you were approved or not approved using the invoice we provided. NOTE: Once you are approved, you will need to complete the order on our site. Buying Guide.

If your application is denied, follow the tips on this guide.

See image of a recent approval (we update this from time to time and remove some information for privacy of our customers)

Terms & Conditions:

Product Quality: All items sourced on Palletfly.com are 100% authentic. Any damage or missing item claims shall follow our terms of sale.
Conflict of terms: The terms stated on this guide shall not override that of a standard purchase made with us.

Invoice Delivery: Refundable Order Invoices are typically sent within 1 business day after following the instructions listed above. Refundable Order Invoices are processed at 12 PM onward. Any Refundable Order Invoice that is submitted prior to 12 PM may be released on the same day.
NOTE: If you had registered to our site within the last 2 business days of submitting a PIR & payment, it may take additional time to deliver the test invoice.

Invoices will be sent to the email address you listed as the contact for your amazon account. All information on the invoice will be provided on the google form. Should you need to change any of your information after a Refundable Order Invoices is placed, a one time $100 surcharge will be applied to each invoice that we must resend. 

Purchase Agreement: By sending a payment for a Refundable Order Invoices, you are placing a “Refundable Order”. The payment for goods will be funded to your account to use on future purchases. However, the additional $100 admin fee IS NOT. Should you wish to proceed with a full order, you would need to follow our standard purchase agreement

Disclaimer: We make absolutely no guarantee that this invoice will help you get ungated on Amazon. Selling permissions are dictated solely in Amazon's discretion. By placing a Test Order Invoice Request, you agree to waive all rights to bring legal action against Palletfly.com. In addition, we do not guarantee that Amazon, Brands, or anyone else will not make a further claim to have you removed from Amazon. The invoice is not a representation on behalf of any other entity. We do not make any warranties regarding restrictions or permissions to sell any items.


Palletfly.com only provides Amazon comparison information and other projections to help you do research quicker. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON AND IS NOT BASED ON RELIABLE INFORMATION. Palletfly.com is not responsible for any information provided or inaccuracies. Using such information is at your own risk. Palletfly.com makes no representations regarding your eligibility or ability to sell or resell products on the Amazon marketplace or anywhere else. Please make sure to do your own research prior to purchasing any products on Palletfly.com. Palletfly.com is not affiliated with Amazon.com.

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